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Chatterie des Jardins de Bubastis

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Bertram belongs to Lena who lives in Norway.
I know Lena since she has adopted Fanchon in 2010. Fanchon is the daughter of Chamade and Saffron, and the litter sister of Fidji. I wanted to keep Fanchon, but I couldnt for personal reasons :-S

But I am very happy that Fanchon is with Lena because we have a lot of silimitaries in our approach of breeding, we love the same type of cats, and we always kept in touch:)

Norway is not the closest country of France, so when Lena offered me Toni, I ask for a rendez-vous with Bertram before she lives...
And Lena agreed:-)

Bertram... it's as if we knew each other: he is the son of my Fanchon, the grand son of Chamade and Saffron... A family affair!!

To see Lena's cats, it's here!!
Jardins de Bubastis


Jardins de Bubastis

Jardins de Bubastis

THANKS THANKS THANKS again, Lena, for pictures:)

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