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Chatterie des Jardins de Bubastis

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We are a happy family who loves nature and animals.
Check all right . Jérôme ( my spouse) also likes drinking a small blow from time to time!! But moderately, otherwise I am transformed into witch!!

Until then responsible for an Administration Of Sales Service, I take care of our daughter since her birth, and our son born at the end of 2008 :-))

We also share our house with 3 dogs.
Jardins de Bubastis


Eclyps, the veteran

Our Husky is 17 years old and goes well for his big age: when our 2 girls are in heat, he is again quite wriggling and yaps as a teenager!

He doesn't see nor listens any more very well, but I suspect him strongly of knowing (and to apply) the proverb " there is no worse deaf/ blind person than the one who doesn't want to hear/to see "!

Chatterie des Jardins de Bubastis

Vérone, our "tenderness-mother"

Vérone is a White Shepherd of 12 years.

Sometimes, we think that she is a little bit psychopath: she sits down in front of us, fixes us (we could believe that the eyes are going to go out their orbit!), wiggles, squeaks, and as soon as we look at her she puts a leg on our knees and if we are not careful, there, we meet ourselves with her 35 kg on our knees!

Oh yes! Very tender, but not very sweetness!

Vérone is extremly kind, and adopted cats in some minutes.

Chatterie des Jardins de Bubastis

Kali, the terrible.

Kali is 11 years old; She is an Aldeutch Sheferhunde (Old Style German Shepherds).

What can I say.? Well. she is completely crazy! She is our Saffron in the feminine (hum and in dog, naturally!!).

Always Wanting to play, but also looking for cuddles. We don't resist to her when she delicately put her snout on our knees calling caresses.

Chatterie des Jardins de Bubastis

Kali loves her cats but she takes a little time to understand (would she be blond?) (1000 excuses to the blondes who are reading these lines;-) that they are smaller, and do appreciate only moderately knocks of snout or sweet call of leg! Thus, we are attentive during the arrival of a new cat because Kali is so excited in these moments that she could walk them above! But in definitive, here is the result

Our dogs are excellent guard, and although very kind, will warn every newcomer! Only Eclyps doesn't give anymore effort to get up to greet our guests (as they say: "am too old for this bullshit"

A little story...

We discovered this race by chance in august 2007 on a feminine magazine.
There was a photo of a magnificent cat, all in curvature, with curly longhair.
I immediately fell under the charm . I cut the page and promised to myself to examine this race.
What I made rather quickly.

The computer (and Jérôme!) still remember it:
I spent hours in searches on the net.

The envy quickly came: I wanted to put a lot into the development of this still confidential breed in France.

I met fascinated and fascinating breeders, talked with ardent supporters of the race, discussed with veterinarians to confront my envy with the reality.

I also subscribed to the SELKLUB (Selkirk race club in France).

4 months after the discovery of this incredible breed, incredible both by the coat and by the temperament, our 2 firsts kitties arrived, followed by our first tomcat next month.

And it was only the beginning!

I always lived with cats. but I have to admit that Selkirk is like. no other:

Firstly, I have fallen in love with his physical charm, and then. his incredibly affectionate and purring nature, his temperament devoid of aggressiveness, his sweetness to the everyday life., all these qualities confirmed my attachment (would I dare to say the passion?!!) that I felt since the very first moments .

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