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Chatterie des Jardins de Bubastis

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What does look like a baby Selkirk?

We believe that all babies animals can be only good-looking... Nevertheless the love I have for this race, I have to admit that the baby Selkirks looks like. nothing! Or, at least, almost nothing, before the age of 2 months and sometimes more!

Then, they look like this

Jardins de Bubastis


Jardins de Bubastis
Thanks to Cattery Du Vallon de Colombine, and to cattery Des Terres et Ombres for thes nice photos of gremlins;-))

or like that :
Chatterie des Jardins de Bubastis

But after some time, these youngs gremlins are transformed into real bits of fluff.

Chatterie des Jardins de Bubastis

Do you know the story of the toad which is transformed into prince charming? Or the one of the ugly duckling in swan?
Well it is a little bit similar with Selkirks!!

If you are interested in one of our kittens.

Before any thing: our kittens are our babies and we want the best for them. Thus it seems to us justifiable to want and assure us that they will leave in loving and responsible families. We want to be sure that our kittens will be happy cause they deserve the best.
The sale to the breeders will be made only under certain conditions...
Naturally, we shall be happy to receive news and photos of our (your!) kittens!

Leave of our kittens

. Our kittens will leave inoculated :
- primo vaccination (at the age from 7 to 8 weeks) typhus and coryza
- 1st reminder (from 11 to 12 weeks) typhus and coryza
- on inquiry: Leucose (primo vaccination at 12 weeks) and / or rabies (3 months at least)
. Identified by chip
. Wormed and treated against fleas
. With their pedigree LOOF (or current demand)
. Cat food which the kitten was used
. His loving toys
. His health record
. A certificate of sale

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