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Selkirk exists in 2 varieties :
- shorthair
- longhair

The hair can be REX (curly) or STRAIGHT.

Some Selkirks REX are told "homozygote" (understand " homozygote for the curly gene "): they inherited their curly gene from their 2 parents. If the kitten inherited the curly gene just from one of his parent, so he is told "heterozygote".

Homozygote cats have a more angular look and less in curvatures than their heterozygous brothers; ears are bigger, eyes less round.

It's about 2 years that the Selkirk reaches his physical maturity. His hair as well as the density of its fur continue to develop up till this age.
To note: the seasons and the hormones (especially for females) play a role in the aspect of the fur, which can be more or less dense and curled.


All the colors are admitted for Selkirk.

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Avec l'aimable autorisation de Serina Filler- Pointilistic cattery)

Calicurl's FrankPamacs Promise From Heart
selkirk rex shorthair heterozygote red point       | selkirk rex longhair heterozygote blue-tortie point

Pointilistic Bob MarleyPointilistic En Attendant Godot
selkirk rex longhair homozygote blue point            |   selkirk rex longhair homozygote lilac point

Pointilistic Espinillo
selkirk rex longhair homozygote lilac point

Pointilistic Freijo Angelin Str8Pointilistic Freijo Angelin Str8
selkirk straight longhair cream point (This is the living proof a Selkirk is growing old gracefully : Freijo has turned from a lovely into a beautiful cat !!)

(courtesy of Marie-Noel- Chatterie de la Fontaine Mamoine)

Countrycurl's Tiger Lilly et Abracadabra de la Fontaine MamoineCountrycurl's Tiger Lilly
selkirk rex longhair heterozygote brown blotched tabby and blanc and selkirk rex longhair heterozygote blue silver tabby

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