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Chatterie des Jardins de Bubastis

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- Shorthair : a monthly brushing is enough for helping him to get rid of its dead hairs. But it is not indispensable !

- Curly longhair : personally, I do not brush my cats because their hair doesn't need it. The hair of REX doesn't get tangled ! Most of all, when they lost their coat (spring and autumn) it avoids the ingestion of too much hair during their toilet. And a bath 10 days before a show.
And that's it, my general !!

- Straight longhair : the not-curly long coat asks for a more diligent and more regular care. At least once a week to avoid the formation of knot, every 2 or 3 days it is still better !

- Eyes and ears : very variable from a cat to the other one...
For example, I little clean Saffron's eyes : he takes care of them very well himself! For his ears, it is once a month (And still).
On the other hand, for my kitties-girls, till the age of 6 months I had to clean their ears once a week or every 10 days : they produced a lot of earwax !
Chatterie des Jardins de Bubastis

      Chatterie des Jardins de Bubastis

But attention: let well alone; an excessive cleaning can strengthen the production of earwax what is not obviously the purpose...
Concerning the eyes, it varied of some days to a week !

Then, after they are 6 months old, it regulated, and I spent by an almost weekly cleaning to a cleaning all 3 in 4 weeks, even more!

LThe care of Selkirk is little binding, but it exists! Everything depends on the cat and on its type of hairs . Some seems to be "self-cleaning", while the others are "auto-lazy"!!!
And then, it belongs to us to come into play ;-)

Chatterie des Jardins de Bubastis

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