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Chamade and Saffron are waiting for their first litter!!!
The babies should arrive before the middle of january...

Saffron et Chamade


Birth!! .
Well... OK. human birth!!
We are very happy to announce you the birth of our small chap on Monday, November 24th:-))
Noé arrived with 3 weeks beforehand, and his weight is 3.6 kg .
I was so persuaded that it was not the time (it misses 3 weeks!) that the baby almost was born in the car. and I did not do the proud by arriving at the maternity .
The baby goes marvellously, the older sister, the dad, and the mom are more than happy!!

News about our cats soon... I promise, I swear!!


"Quite new, quite beautiful" ... Our cats have adopted at once the new cat's tree in the porch.
A new place to play and relax...

Carma, Chamade, Jacaranga and Saffron

The place seems so comfortable that our daughter likes to put her doll inside for sleeping!!


Jacaranga, always looking for new ways to annoy her friends:
Firstly, on the other side of the toy box .
Chamade 1 an et Jacaranga 6 mois
.But nothing better than contact .
Chamade, 1 an et Jacaranga 6 mois
Did you notice her small wrongly innocent look-like??!!


Page "Home Sweet Home- Cattery" is on line!!

Home sweet home


Chamade with her magnificent winter hair: long, supplied, a real delight when we cross our hands...

Chamade 1 year old
Chamade, 2 months ago, in short "dress" to face the "hot and heat season" of spring and summer;-)

Chamade, 10 months old


I don't know why . Every time I see them drinking together, they remind me the gathering of the big big cats of the jungle who quench thirst to the big water's areas...

Carma and Chamade, 1 year old
No... I REALLY don't know why. because they are as gentle as lambs ;-)


Carma, 1 year old


While our cats enjoy the last beautiful days in their garden, Jacaranga enjoy to annoy Carma, what -I have to admit this.!- is one of her favourite pastimes. All the afternoon, Jacky-the-Pest followed step by step her friend, always trying to get the upper hand and to dislodge the poor Carma.

Carma 1 an, Jacaranga 5 mois Jacaranga makes me think about those little boys who want to get the attention of their girlfriend by finding nothing better that to pull their hairs!!!


What is funny when we make a present to our daughter (besides her great pleasure!), is that the packaging is also an exciting toy for our cats!

Jacaranga 5 mois, Carma et Chamade 1 an


New photos in our cats gallery >^..^<

Carma 1 an, Jacaranga 5 mois, Saffron 1 an et Chamade 1 an


This afternoon, 3 young ladies helped our daughter to occupy our cats: great party in the garden! At the end of this day, I don't know who was the most tired between Alexia, Lola, and Fanny, or our cats?!!
Kisses, girls ;-)

Carma, Chamade and Jacky


Sometimes, we unfortunately forget to close the door of toilet, and it happens that we find a big mess . Till now, we thought that Miss Jacaranga was the only guilty .

Jacky, Chamade et Carma

Today. we had to revalue our point of view: Our lovely cats work in team .


When we come from the supermarket, it’s the boredom to store the shopping…
But cats have this inestimable power to make you smile by improvising a new playground with the emptied bags.
Saffron, Jacky, Chamade and Carma

We just have to take these small moments of madness to tell us that happiness is not far away… and illuminate our day!

My sweet Chamade seems to be shorthair actually… Because of summertime (and probably because of… love season and… her madness hormones!)

But this doesn’t alter her nice sweet little face at all ;-)

Chamade, 11 mois


No matter the rain all day long, Jacaranga stayed for a long time in the garden. .
Another one who takes advantage of the natural rain to have more attractive curls;-)

Jacaranga 4 mois


Cuddles in the evening .

Vérone, Jacaranga, Chamade et Carma


Carma, attractive object!

Carma 11 mois


Today, I wanted to dress all the pergola's posts with sisal so that our cats can claws there and also climb by various ways
But Miss Jacky had decided on it otherwise and I did not advance a lot ;-)

Jacaranga 4 mois

Having finished it with me . Jacky-the-pest continued with chamade. and saffron.!!
Jacaranga 4 mois, Chamade 11 mois, Saffron 10 mois


Jacaranga 4 mois et Vérone

Whereas Jacaranga continues to be nasty with Vérone and that this one can't refrain from kissing her,

Chamade 10 mois et Vérone

. Our incorrigible Chamade tries today to seduce Vérone, who remains perplexed


Jacaranga found the ideal place to annoy dogs with no possibility for them to riposte!
in each passage under Jacky's skilful legs, our poor Vérone leaves with some less hairs on the tail!!

Jacaranga, presque 4 mois


Too cute !
Jacaranga 3 mois et demi

Jacaranga 3 mois et demi


Jacaranga pursues the house's exploration . And Carma watches !
Jacaranga 3 mois et Carma 10 mois


Competition of places the more unusual to sleep
Chamade 10 mois (gauche), Saffron 10 mois (droite), Carma 10 mois (bas)

While Carma, Chamade and Saffron are having a snap . Jacaranga takes its ease
Jacaranga 3 mois
Jacaranga feels very comfortable in her new house


Carma 10 mois. et Swann 19 mois !


Jacaranga is discovering her new environment.
Jacaranga 3 mois

and Saffron
Jacaranga 3 mois, Saffron 9 mois


Happiness .
Since 2 days we have the great enjoyment to get Jacaranga with us!!
Still a little bit shy but purring and affectionate as one pleases!! Thank you Serina for this small miracle!!
Jacaranga 3 mois

Jacaranga 3 mois - jeu d'adresse, football puis repos bien mérité
I heard that I had more used this machine for 2 days I am here, than in 2 years by my Daddy!! ( Mummy told it to me ;-)


Saffron thrashes about as a devil to catch the threads .
Saffron 9 mois

But is my man completely conscious that his attributes are largely on danger?!!!...

Earlier in the afternoon

Carma 9 mois
small siesta in the shade for Miss Carma


News about our little Jacaranga whom we are looking forward to welcoming

Thanks to Serina for the attractive stories and the beautiful photos (Credits photos = Serina,
Jacaranga 2 mois

Serina told me that Jacaranga was not a gourmand then. how to explain this strategic place just near the chocolate-box?!!

It adorned that our girl Jacaranga behaves as a princess: she eats cleanly, without "hogging", and toilet very regularly: a Lady!!
But I let you judge it :

Jacaranga 2 mois

Isn't she very charming?...


Poor Chamade . She doesn't know more how to quench .(how to say?!!). the call of the nature . Without Saffron to answer her ceaseless appeals, nor quench her envy, she tries to seduce everything or everyone, no matter if it's a dog!!

Today, it's Kali who makes this experience!!

Chamade, Kali

Chamade, Kali

Chamade, Kali

For lack of climbing on the nirvana                                                        ...let us climb on trees!!!


A little sport to begin the day

Saffron 9 mois


Competition of yawns!
Saffron 8 moisCarma 6 moisChamade 6 mois


King Saffron !!
Saffron 8 mois

26/05/2008 :

A little mouse (not wild of the whole!) ventured on our terrace . What did not escape to the lynx's eye of Chamade!!
For the history's footnotes, we caught the mouse and put her on the garden's other side (No, no!! Not on the neighbour's one ;-)
Vérone, ChamadeSouris!!Vérone, Chamade
                                                                                  "Mmmm.... Finally, not so interesting!"


First steps outside !!!
Chamade 8 mois

The rash Chamade first outside !!
                                                                                                      Saffron is following closely

Carma, very careful, did not put a leg in the grass the 1st day!!

Carma, Chamade, SaffronCarma
                                                                                                                   Hummm... a flower...


Beginning of pergola's construction for our beloved cats: a piece of protected garden, only for them.
Jardins de Bubastis


Strange Carma . The least comfortable places are the ones she prefers .
Carma 7 mois


In the kitchen, at diner time
Carma, Saffron, Chamade 6 mois


As good as gold
Chamade 5 mois

                       Meeting place
Saffron et Chamade


I am not only a good huntress, but moreover, I am a real fishergirl
Carma, grande pêcheuse, 5 mois


The girls in full session of beauty
                                                     Be carefull!! A Peeping Tom!!
Saffron, Carma, Chamade
                                                             To look it is very attractive but the action is better!!!

After the effort (run the girls is tiring) the rest!! Always 4 legs in the sight!
Saffron 4 mois


I'm a real wildcat !!
Carma, grande chasseuse, 4 mois

19/01/2008 :

Siesta in the sun
Chamade 4 mois

02/01/2008 :

So cute
Carma 3 mois et demi (gauche) et Chamade 3 mois et demi (droite)


Hide-and-seek party
Chamade 3 mois(gauche) et Carma 3 mois(droite)

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