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Big tiredness after Christmas;-))

In the arms of Morpheus!!

And soft games to reshape

kitties Selkik rex LH


Some want to be little Jésus… Others play to Schumacher !!

Kittens Selkik rex LH


First show for our Miss "just for fun", but she has loved to charm everyone... just like a french lover ;-))

Fanchon super star!!
More pictures here!


       When I sleep...

Huuuugssss with mummy;-)

                                        ... I DO NOT pretend ;-bb

A stressed girl?? Where??!!


Fanchon with one of her new friend :)
Lena says "Kjell is 3 times her size but he acts like she is huge"!!

Fanchon in Norway!


Fanchon is gone today with Lena specially come from Norway to take her


Is it useful to say that after 7 months of common life, it's more than difficult to let leave my sweet, my woken up, my fantastic Fanchon? :(

Last hugs with my Fanchon


Little model... and big model!

6 weeks... and 7 months


Our babies are lively... but still small...
So here comes the time for us to pay attention where we put our (big for some of us;-) feet!

babies selkirk rex LH


Nice green eyes of Chamade and great orange eyes of her girl Fanchon :)

mum and girl


4,5 weeks of happiness :-)

Selkirk rex LH


Presentation with our sweet Verone …

Selkirk rex LH

… And with our (too much) cheerful Kali;-)
So a less direct exposition... :-b
Selkirk rex LH


Crazy cats! Those who are outside want to return into, and those who are inside (and who shouldn’t!) don’t want to go out any more;-)

Selkirk rex LH

Our other kitties get acquainted with auntie Chamade and auntie Carma :-)

Selkirk rex LH


Time flies and our babies already run everywhere (without mixing legs too much;-))
A true happiness to observe!

Selkirk rex LH


Our babies are 3 weeks old soon and here is the time to introduce them in the real world (I mean a world made of noises, of playing children, of human beings and dogs in movements…) but all of this in a protected environment…

Home sweet home
We put the cats’s park in our lounge, and Jacky can go out when she wants!


Session of buttock's cleaning for Jacky's babies :-))

it seems really pleasant ;-bb


Fanchon says HELLO to her half brothers and sisters :-)

babies selkirk rex


Fanchon with mummy Chamade

Chamade and daughter Fanchon

Soon, Fanchon will go to Norway where she will promove the SR breed :)
Soon, my heart and my house will be very empty :(


Mmmmm... Where are the heads where are buttocks??

Selkirk rex LH

Some pictures here


4 little babies were born during the night of monday to tuesday...


After a long work and so much efforts, 3 new cute babies are in the world... But we had to go to the vet to avoid any unnecessary risks :(
The 4th one was released by C. section and was soon recovered from this mishap, just like her mom:)
Soon new pictures!


Jacky takes care of my son... like she will do with her kittens soon :-))

Future Maman!
Having tried and used some pretenders, our Princess has finally decided to go seriously!!
We wait for beautiful and healthy kittens in 1 month :-)


Our babies in their new house :-)

Princess Fantine with her friend Curtis...

Fantine (Chamade x Saffron)

And Fidji
A great life:
Some games...
Fidji (Selkirk rex LH lilac)
... and some catnap!!

Fidji (Chamade x Saffron)
Ahhhh boys... Neither shy, nor chaste ;-))


Paint game for Frodo :))
Our small ball of tenderness waits for a loving and cuddling family :-)


News from (big;-) Elium :-)
Never change good habits :-)) Idleness, and at will tumble-dryer!!!

Elium (Carma x Saffron)

And a big BRAVO to Brave Elium, who has kept at distance his "friend Basile" for a long time...

... But NOW...
... Kisses and cuddles in abundance.!!!

Elium (Carma x Saffron)


Frodo is available

And Mademoiselle Fanchon too...



Our babies are 3 monts old!
Frodo is available :)

12 weeks


New pictures of our babies

8 weeks


What's this blue thread which makes crazy our kittens??

6 weeks

... Just Sponge Bob (completely shot with helium ;-))

6 weeks


Just for fun of the pict!

Nice day for sunbathing!!


Our babies are now adventurers who investigate the world and climb everywhere!

Such a great life


Roll and fun in staircases for the Lady...

5 weeks

And boys' games for the Gallant ;-)

5 weeks


Just 1 month!


Aaaahhhh … Enjoyments of maternity :)
My babies: Only happiness!

3 weeks

3 weeks


I should have put a “DO NOT DISTURB” note…

Such a good mom :)

Mom Chamade systematically came to pick up her kitties when I was trying to make them to “strike a pose” (Hi Madonna;-))
No matter… some photos here… Cause I am more stubborn than my cats!


Pictures of our lovelies babies here

Big snap after mum's milk!!


Here they are!!!
From 6 to 8 AM, Chamade offered 5 cute babies to us :-)
3 blues and 2 lilacs...
Already the most beautiful babies of the world, sure ;-)
More news soon, I swear!

babiiiiiies :)


Jacaranga and Hinano- PART II !
Jacaranga and Hinano
This time, Hinano came to visit his beloved Jacky!
We really hope for babies of these 2 ones…
But Mother Nature will decide …




Chamade grew more than 400 grams in 1 month … Thus …
Our girl is pregnant:-)
(or then she really abused during Christmas!!)

Chamade the Plump;-)


Since a few days Jacky slowly “meow”.
But yesterday it was rather like "MEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWW"
No more doubt: Miss Jacaranga wanted a flirt (poetry when you hold us ;-)
Thus, Jacky went on holiday at the home of her fiancé Hinano...

          After some approaches …

Hi Girl!

    And even a fantastic loving parade …

Tentative of seduction

     Please… Admire the result …

… And this so loving cuddle :-)

Without comment :-)
    Too cute, Hinano ;-))


Our Etoile and her friend Eglantine: INSEPARABLE :-)



Chamade in… HEAT…
Cuddling Chamade
Our girl wanted (and arrived)) to seduce Saffron... Saffron who after some meetings with his promise seemed literally EXHAUSTED: he looked me as if he wanted to say "Are you sure that you want me to go with this fury? " When he saw Chamade arriving on him so that he assures his conjugal duty :-)))

02/01/2010 !! (Happy New Yeaaaaar!!!)

Strangely, none of our cats has played with the garlands of the fir tree... Nor broke Christmas baubles … (Nooooo, my man did it ;-))

Merry Christmas!

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