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Gadjo is available :)
A true little scamp, very playful ... and cuddly when he decides that playing is good, but hugs- finally- are better ;-)

Kitten Selkirk rex LH blue
More pictures by mail if you want!


Something new here... A water fountain for our cats!
I knew they would like this... But I was wrong...They LOVE this;-bb

Drink... and food!

And... Kittens page is totally updated (Hurraaaaa!!!)


Some new picts on kittens' page

2 sisters: 1 straight, 1 homo!
I try to finish soon... be indulgent, please;-)


Yes... you are not wrong: this little guy didn't want to be washed... ;-))))
But Fleur has decided to be a mum for HER Manu!

Washing cat :)


Yes... you are not wrong: this little guy didn't want to be washed... but Miss Jacky is a good mother and decided to do what she as to do...
Cat washing :)!


No need to add anything...

Kitten Selkirk rex LH

... Because our babies are just...

Kitten Selkirk rex LH
...Happiness :)


Toys everywhere... but... like my children...

Selkirk rex LH

... They just want ONE...: NEMO!!

kittens Selkirk rex LH

And our adults don't give example :-D

Selkirk rex LH


Some pictures or our babies who have grown up :)

Emmbé... (Head is on the left;-)

Selkirk rex blue LH

... Félix

Selkirk straight blue LH

Fluffy la Fleur... and Gordon :)

Selkirk straight blue-cream and selkirk rex blue LH

Fabula Gaïa, and her friend Nookie

Selkirk rex homozigote blue
Full Moon who will have soon a Galaxie for him... (he he)

Selkirk rex lilac LH

My sweet Fanchon

Selkirk rex lilac LH

And finally my fabulous Fidji!

Selkirk rex lilac LH
Thank you all for these wonderful photos...


Our babies in "on"...

... and in "off" :-)

... and rest!
New pictures (everything happens;-) HERE !


Last feed before leaving...

Chamade feeds Gordon!

Gordon has gone this morning and will meet Miss Fluffy la Fleur..
Photos soon!


Galinéa is now in her new family in Switzerland... With her new friends, and her futur honey;-)

Galinéa at home

To follow Galinéa's adventures at the catery de la fée... it's here ... or there!!
Be happy Sweetheart...


Ok... I took my time but some new pictures on kittens page!

Kittens Selkirk Rex LH


Our 2 babies will join their new family soon...

Babies Selkirk Rex LH

And... Carma gave birth!! Coming soon... photos!


Having waited for some days (and some nights;-) the delivery of Big Jacky... I was very happy when she gave birth on monday, at the end of the afternoon :-D

1 day!

Everything was perfect, except that I was waiting for 6 kittens (because I used to count 250 grams per kitty and Jacky has gained 1,5 kg!!
But after these 3 little ones, our Miss stopped to contract and moved comfortably to nurse her loveballs...
After a sleepless night waiting for the next 3, I decided to visit the vet for an ultrasound to be sure...
The reality is that Miss jacky has just turned fat (this is what my vet said!!)
Very skeptical, I asked to check carefully ;-)) But no doubt: Stomach was empty ;-)
So we have 3 healthy kittens:
A curly colorpoint babygirl,
A red straight hair babygirl,
And a lil' curly blue guy!

Photos soon :-)


New (recent;-) photos of our babies growing up

2 months

And for those who are waiting for Jacky’s babies…. Well… I am waiting too ;-)


Carol passed away :(
Stéphane replace their cats... Some British and Selkirk adults are still to be adopted, and babies too...
Domaine de Rosière

At home, under the sofa, you can find toys, dust (I admit;-) and sometimes... cats!!

hide and seek

And some pictures of our babies on kittens page, especially for Isa who dares to ask me if it's because the kitties don't grow anymore that there is no recent photos! Naughty Isa;-b


Nemo has had a date... Mmmm 2 dates ;-)...

Don Juan!
And now... we are waiting for babies :)
Jacaranga is due in 10 days, and Carma in 3 weeks!


Brotherly Love? ;-)

Kittens Selkirk rex LH

Blue kitten Selkirk rex LH

Black tortie tabby kitten Selkirk rex LH


As a resemblance??

Pet Shop...
... and Gremlins;-)


Némo, enjoying his new favorite place!

New pictures of the little ones :-)


Chamade overflows from all sides ... but here she decided to settle for a few days with his two little ones!

home sweet home!
Photos of our 2 babies here


And now... just happiness!

babies Selkirk rex long hair
These 2 are just grow and grow
8 breasts for 2... isn't it too much??!!!


A birth should always be a joy, a celebration of life ...
Yesterday our Chamade gave birth to 4 little wonders ...
But we had to have put to sleep two little angels: (
2 little curlies try to make us smile again ...
No doubt they will succed ...
Soon… pictures of the princess and the little lord


Némo shared his bed/bag with Chamade...
Bag or Bed??
... We are now waiting for babies around middle of June :-)

My BIG Chamade

Meanwhile, Saffron kisses Carma... under HIGH SECURITY...

... Absolutely NO WAY to go to "Maybe more";-)))


Our Etoile (Carma x Saffron) gave birth to 5 beautiful babies on April 4th (I know, yes, I am a little bit late in my news;-)

Mummy Etoile
And here are the Marvels:

Babies Selkirk Rex LH
Babies Selkirk Rex LH
More pictures on the blog of Dominique, or by mail

As good news never come alone... we expect babies in the 2nd half of June!!!


Fuffy likes to be on the News :-D

I wanna be a star!
Soooo... today in the spotlights... The lady and Manu!

Fluffy Miss "Not-annoyance"...
Win gentle...
No problem for Manu;-)

And now the result;-))


Ugly ears... but clean!!

Yeahhh... not very nice :-D


Némo is on line :)



The Jardins de Bubastis presents... Némo against Némo!!!


         ... First round...

Némo's attack!!
         And the Winner is... Némo!!!!

K.O. Némo!
Thanks a lot Christine... for Némo... and Némo ;-))


Nemo is still not very confident with our dogs...


         ... But knows how to do with Carma...       ... And Chamade ;-)

But with Jacky... That's another way...

No cuddle;-bb
               ... He took all her favorite places!!!


The best way to sleep... by Fluffy :-))
Just like dad: Saffron has always liked to sleep in these funny positions :-)

Fluffy la Fleur

Selkirk straight LH


And here he is....
                           ...Fabulous Némo!!!


A little resemblance?
These big round eyes, this red tabby dress, and first of all this so cute face... ;-)

Némo again, with less hairs;-))

Soon on line, Némo's page with lot of pictures :-)


Our Fidji became Daddy!! I am Grand'Ma again;-)
Fidji is a Dad at 11 months... of 8 little kitties!!!

Sweet mummy
Here is Eve, the proud Mummy...
More information on Paola's website

... And soon... some news about Némo... who will be here tomorow if all goes well :)


It was told me that one of our kitties knows how to catch planes in flight (or eagles, that depends on what passes...)

Real TV is real sport!

Gaïa and her friend help to make the ironing, and to pack cardboards too!

Home help to serve you!!

And after all these tiring activities … A good good rest!

I count the sheeps;-))


Some news from little Félix who seems to live a very tiring life !!!


And some from Miss Fluffy la Fleur with her friend Diego...
Their last whim is to watch the terrarium of the lizard and its reserve of crickets …
Never know: one of them could escape;-))))
Thank you Michèle for these news and I count on you to photograph the event if it ever happens (I speak about the crazy escape of crickets!!)

go out? or not??

And finally a tenderness picture: Fluff in the arms of Diégo:-)
Mmmm… I know we don’t see very well: the very big fault to Michèle who didn’t want to put the flash… She was afraid of waking her little ones;-))



Last co-sleep between Félix and his Mom before the departure of my baby
But not too close cause Miss Jacky… loves her baby of course… but… prefers him to be farther;-)
She is ok for 2 months… not 3!!
Félix and mum


A personal and very special dedication to my "little" Emmbé :)



Félix, my small tenderness ball, looks for a family for cuddles and purrs!
He is like glue: always near you, and likes coming to sleep on the knees of his Mummy :-)

Félix Big Foot

Our little Full Moon… a small devil until his 2 and a half months … A small savage when he was playing: every claws outside … But with some soft words, lots of cuddles (and, yes!, some small pats on the snout by his 2 Moms (Jacky and me of course!), this little monster was transformed in a great little heart, full of sweetness … Many Thanks to Amandine his new mom for always having believed in him :)

Full Moon

Gaïa abducted the heart of her new parents at the favour of her small witch look!
Gaïa has already stolen the best place to her friend Nookie: buttocks in the warmth on the radiator!!

Fabula Gaïa

And finally our little Flower, aka "Fluff", nice ball of love and absolute tolerance in the arms of my children, has found the happiness in her new family where – it looks like life is VERY difficult ;-))
Fluffy la Fleur


In the noon I was occupied when I listened a strange noise, as an enormous vibration (I told to myself- and I swear it's true! - that a plane had to pass and that it really made a lot of noise) …
Intrigued because the noise did not weaken and was of an exemplary regularity, I looked from where it could come…

Jacky, super mum or crul mother?!!
Hey yes!! Miss Jacky was madly purring by breast-feeding her kitties:-)) She still feeds her babies, one or 2 times a day, and I am always amazed because most of the time she doesn’t want to hear about them any more and hunts them away unceremoniously!!!


That does not remind you anything… ?
Just reflect a little bit! We would say a remake about “Lady and the Tramp”


                                   ...The scene with the spaghetti !!

THE one;-)

                                                     ... So?? Convinced??

And the kitties with the new toys offered by Mad Christine ;-))

Thank you Mother Christmas!!
And this one will wait for Némo …
Just for Némo!
But who is Némo??? (Hey hey!!!)

Oh oh!! … We are with Disney today;-))

( Happy New Year, by the way!)

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